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Market Intelligence
Thailand Healthcare Products

Thailand’s aging society leads to opportunities for healthcare products.

Healthcare Thailand Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Australia Healthcare Biotechnology

The Australian Government is fostering a robust biotechnology industry that attracts recognition, promotes research and commercializes new therapeutic products.

Medical Devices Australia Trade Promotion
Market Intelligence
Australia Automotive Trends

The full-size truck market in Australia is expanding, providing opportunities for U.S. companies. 

Automotive Australia Trade Opportunities
Market Intelligence
Qatar Information Technology e-Sports Market Opportunities

The e-sports market is booming and has a promising future in the Middle East’s

Audio-Visual Equipment Qatar Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Construction Materials Demand in a Growing Guatemala City

Guatemalan demand for construction materials is strong since they are not readily available In the market. 

Building Products Guatemala
Market Intelligence
Kazakhstan Finance Digital Currency to be Launched

Kazakhstan Set to Launch Its Digital Currency

Industries Kazakhstan Currencies
Market Intelligence
Thailand Transportation Railway

The State Railway of Thailand aims to procure 946 freight cars and bogies after receiving approval from the new Thai cabinet. 

Rail Transportation Thailand Export Promotion
Market Intelligence
Thailand Pet Products

Thailand’s pet products market continues to grow after COVID.

Pet Foods and Supplies Thailand Export Promotion
Market Intelligence
Kenya Manufacturing and Industrialization Opportunities

Kenya’s Manufacturing and Industrialization Priorities in Leather, Building and Construction, and Garment and Textile Sectors Offers Opportunities  

Industrial Materials Kenya Trade Opportunities
Market Intelligence
Kenya Agribusiness New Sources of Fertilizers and Inputs

Kenya Seeks New Sources of Fertilizers and Fertilizer Inputs

Fertilizers Kenya Trade Opportunities
Market Intelligence
Mexico Temporary Tariff Increase

The decree went into effect August 16, 2023, and expires July 31, 2025.

Mexico Customs Fees
Market Intelligence
Greece Healthcare Private Health Initiatives Expand

Non-profit organizations and private hospitals are driving healthcare infrastructure projects which will propel medical device purchases.

Healthcare Services Greece
Market Intelligence
South Africa Fintech Opportunities

The growth of Fintech Sector in South Africa provides opportunities for U.S. solution providers.

Information and Communication Technology South Africa
Market Intelligence
Singapore Healthcare Dementia Care

Singapore ranked 16th out of 30 cities, with one in 10 people aged 60 and above living with dementia.  

Healthcare Singapore
Market Intelligence
Kenya National Security Budget of Approximately $2.2 Billion

The government intends to bring back on track expansion and modernization efforts of the security services.

Surveillance Systems Kenya Public Finance