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Market Intelligence
Burma Private Education Law

The Ministry of Education for Burma (Myanmar) replaced the Private School Registration Law 2011 with the Private Education Law 2023

Education Burma
Market Intelligence
Saudi Arabia High Tech Investment $200 million Fund Launched

Fund Announced as Part of New Strategy for the King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (KAUST).

Saudi Arabia Investment and Service Barriers
Market Intelligence
South Korea Education Technology

The Korean government is enacting new standards and acts to boost the public and private Education Technology (EdTech) industry in Korea.

Education South Korea Economic Development
Market Intelligence
United Kingdom Chemicals REACH

The UK Government extends the current REACH UK (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals) compliance deadlines.

Chemicals United Kingdom
Market Intelligence
United Kingdom CE Mark Recognition

On August 1, 2023, the UK Department for Business and Trade announced an indefinite extension to the use of CE marking for businesses.

Design and Construction United Kingdom
Market Intelligence
Ghana Industrial Zones

Dawa Industrial Zone gains anchor tenants and customers for equipment as well as energy and services solutions.    

Equipment and Machinery Africa Economic Development and Investment
Market Intelligence
Saudi Arabia Logistics Launch of the Master Plan for Logistics Centers

Saudi Crown Prince Launches a Master Plan for Logistics Centers as Part of National Effort to Transform the Kingdom into a Global Logistics Hub  

Distribution and Logistics Saudi Arabia
Market Intelligence
Ghana Trade Finance

In constrained lending environment, Afreximbank can offer international companies creative trade financing and insurance options.

Financial Services Africa Trade Financing
Market Intelligence
Ghana Downstream Oil and Gas

Service and filling stations form a customer base for range of U.S. goods and services.    

Equipment and Machinery Africa
Market Intelligence
Thailand Information Technology Digital Platforms

Digital platform providers in Thailand must comply with Thailand’s Royal Decree, effective August 2023, or face penalties.

Information and Communication Technology Thailand Export Potential
Market Intelligence
South Korea eCommerce

Among the total $4.8 billion in cross-border e-commerce sales in South Korea in 2022, 38 percent of goods were sourced from the United States.

Consumer Goods South Korea Economic Development
Market Intelligence
South Korea Healthcare Consulting

More Korean healthcare companies looking to work with U.S. healthcare consulting firms as Korea grows its healthcare exports.

Healthcare South Korea Economic Development
Market Intelligence
Chile National Satellite System

Chile’s National Space Program seeks telecommunications, space, and other commercial sector companies to help develop its satellite system infrastructure.

Space Chile
Market Intelligence
Brazil - Tourism Demands Continues Rebound

The United States remains the number one destination for Brazilian travelers as demand continues to rebound.

Travel and Tourism Brazil
Market Intelligence
India Education Budget 2023

The 2023 Indian Education Budget opens up doors for U.S. higher education institutions to explore Indian market for skills development.

Continuing Education South Asia Export Promotion