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Market Intelligence
West Bank’s Automotive Sector

The automotive sector is considered one of the most important sectors that contributes to job creation in the West Bank.

Automotive West Bank and Gaza
Market Intelligence
Indonesia Education

Education agents in Indonesia offer many opportunities for U.S. universities.

Student Recruitment Agencies Indonesia
Market Intelligence
South Korea Space Industry

South Korea set a record budget for its space programs to grow the space industry and build a solid foundation for a space economy. 

Space South Korea Economic Development and Investment
Market Intelligence
Thailand Airports

Thailand’s primary airport operator announces major expansion of Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) airport development project. 

Airport and Ground Support Equipment Thailand Export Promotion
Market Intelligence
Guatemala Government Procurement

U.S. companies can register their company on Guatecompras and participate in government tenders.

Public Sector Guatemala
Market Intelligence
South Korea Additive Manufacturing

Market opportunities and demand in additive manufacturing (AM) technologies in Korea is growing.

Design and Construction South Korea Economic Development and Investment
Market Intelligence
ASEAN Energy Transition Road Map

Singapore is the first in the ASEAN region to consider climate change and energy transition a national priority, allocating resources to address it.

Energy Singapore
Market Intelligence
Indonesia Aviation

The Indonesian aviation sector recovered from the pre-pandemic level. The country has reported an increase in aircraft, passengers, and cargo movements.

Aviation Indonesia
Market Intelligence
Papua New Guinea Information Tech Digital Initiative

Papua New Guinea has a new digital transformation initiative that will include government tender opportunities.

Telecommunications Papua New Guinea Trade Promotion
Market Intelligence
Brazil Equipment and Machinery

Brazil positions its manufacturing plants to invest in machinery and equipment upgrades in 2024.

Machine Tools Brazil
Market Intelligence
India Digital Healthcare

India’s roadmap for improved digital medical care presents great opportunities for U.S. healthcare technology providers.

Telemedicine South Asia Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Vietnam Internet Services

U.S. cross-border information providers are subject to additional obligations under a Draft Decree on Internet services.

Information and Communication Technology Vietnam Government, Law and Regulation
Market Intelligence
Vietnam Cybersecurity Requirements and Capabilities

Exciting new developments in Vietnam cybersecurity sector have created more opportunities for U.S companies to export their products and services. 

Cybersecurity Southeast Asia
Market Intelligence
Japan Healthcare Age Tech

Japan’s aging population provides opportunities for innovative age-tech products to address the shortage of care providers and rising healthcare costs.

Healthcare Japan Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Vietnam Energy Green Transport

On July 22, 2022, the Vietnam Government issued Decision 876/QD-TTg approving the Action Program for Transition to green energy transport until 2050. 

Design and Construction Services Southeast Asia