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Visualize, understand, and interact with the international trade data to explore the latest data trends, patterns in data, and insights.

Visual Data Center

Visual Data Center

Explore a sample of trade data visualizations in a practical format in our Visual Data Center. Tap into complex industry and trade data using interactive visual tools to help make better-informed data-driven decisions.


What is Data Visualization?

Data visualization transforms data into graphical or interactive tools that allow you to process and understand large amounts of information quickly.

Benefits of Data Visualization

  1. Interact, digest, and understand data
  2. Absorb large amounts of data quickly 
  3. Identify relationships and patterns faster
  4. Communicate complex information effectively 
  5. Notice emerging trends through charts and graphs
  6. View multiple perspectives through interaction with the data
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Spotlight: Monthly Travel Trade Monitor


Explore a visual summary of monthly U.S. travel and tourism-related exports, imports, and the balance of trade.

Sheets of aluminum stacked

Learn more about trends in the aluminum industry.  Uncover data related to global aluminum trade, largest aluminum-producing countries, top importers, and exporters. 

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Discover information about everything related to trade in the automotive industry, including passenger vehicles, light and heavy-duty trucks, buses, specialty vehicles, and vehicles and systems for ground defense.

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Learn more about the energy and clean technology industry that improve efficiency while reducing costs, inputs, energy consumption and waste with these data visualizations.

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Explore our data on foreign direct investment that plays an essential role in ensuring U.S. economic growth, creates highly compensated jobs, spurs innovation, and drives exports.

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Learn more about the manufacturing industry covering exports, imports, trade balance, industrial production, employment, and producer price index.

group of professionals at conference table

Discover trade patterns and trends facing the professional and business services industry that include accounting, advertising, architecture, computer systems design, consulting, engineering, legal, and research and development.

stack of steel pipes

Detect trends for importing and exporting counties along with production and consumption of steel to understand the current state of the steel industry. 

supply chain card

Discover trends and uncover valuable insights in the supply chain industry. Topics include sustainability, critical supply chains, and the cold chain sector.

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Learn about trends and demand and uncover ways to increase the international competitiveness of the U.S. textile, apparel, footwear, and sporting goods industries.

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Learn how ITA can help you fight unfair trade practices such as foreign trade barriers that hurt U.S. competitiveness in international trade.

multiple shipping containers

Explore our export data that can help businesses expand into foreign markets to help businesses grow, create jobs, and succeed in overseas markets.

stock market stats on phone

Explore our U.S. trade data and statistics to fully understand the economic and business conditions that influence international trade and commercial activities. 

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Public API

Find key contacts and data streams as part of the Federal Data Strategy.

Trade Data & Analysis

View a variety of international and U.S. trade-related statistics and data tools available for you to explore international markets, trade policy and patterns, and economic research.   

Data Visualization FAQs

Read frequently asked questions about data visualizations. 

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