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Market Intelligence
Israel’s Electric Utility Company's $1-1.5 Billion Annual Procurement Plan

Significant opportunities exist for U.S. manufacturers of Transmission & Distribution equipment, and Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS).

Energy Israel
Market Intelligence
Israel's Proposed Additional Amendments to Ease the Import Process

The Israeli Ministry of Economy just released a proposed amendment to significantly streamline import processes for all products.

Market Intelligence
Uruguay Water Supply Challenges

The Uruguayan government is working to improve the country’s water infrastructure and resilience to drought.

Industries Uruguay
Market Intelligence
Kenya Transporation Opportunities in Urban e-Mobility System

MCC’s Newly Signed $60m Grant to Improve Nairobi’s Urban Mobility System Offers Opportunities for U.S. Companies

Electric Vehicles Kenya Transport Infrastructure
Market Intelligence
South Africa Energy Action Plan and Roadmap to end Load Shedding

Reduce load shedding in South Africa.

Energy South Africa
Market Intelligence
Kenya Change in Foreign Trade Regulations

Kenya Reduces Imports Declaration Fee (IDF) and Railway Development Levy (RDL) rates on Applicable Imports

Public Sector Kenya Foreign Trade Regulations
Market Intelligence
Philippine Advance Manufacturing

The Philippines’ efforts to catch up to Industry 4.0 presents opportunities for U.S. technology companies in modernizing the country’s manufacturing sector. 

Equipment and Machinery Philippines Economic Development and Investment
Market Intelligence
Mozambique Foodservice Sector Growth

Mozambique foodservice sector is on the rise because of the country’s tourism boost and mega projects in energy and mining.

Equipment and Machinery Mozambique Trade Development
Market Intelligence
New Belgian Legislation Opens Opportunities for U.S. Companies Specializing in Hydrogen Transport

Learn about the new Belgian regulatory framework for the transport of hydrogen, the Belgian hydrogen market, and its hydrogen transport infrastructure.

Fluid Power Components Belgium Air Transport
Market Intelligence
Growing Opportunities in Belgium for U.S. Companies Offering Mobile Health Solutions

Belgium’s Institute for Health and Disability Insurance is implementing new measures for evaluating and financing new mobile health projects faster.

Health Information Exchange Belgium Exports
Market Intelligence
Indonesia Critical Minerals

Indonesia’s critical minerals market offers many opportunities to U.S. companies.

Industrial Materials Indonesia
Market Intelligence
South Korea Organic Beauty Market

Korean consumers now place more value on factors such as health, safety and authenticity, increasing business opportunities for U.S. organic cosmetics brands.

Cosmetics and Toiletries South Korea Economic Development
Market Intelligence
South Korea Performing Arts Market

There is a growing opportunity to provide services to provide entertainment services to South Korean audiences, domestic and foreign.

Performing Arts South Korea Economic Development
Market Intelligence
Croatia Infrastructure Two Highway Projects Worth 860 Million Euros

Croatian Highways is preparing tenders for two capital highway routes in Croatia, an estimated value of 860 million euros. 

Design and Construction Services Croatia
Market Intelligence
Indonesia Space Technology

BRIN is planning to develop and launch a satellite constellation, creating multiple opportunities for U.S. companies in the space sector.

Satellites Indonesia