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Market Intelligence
Greece Infrastructure Top Ministry Spending Priorities

The Ministry has announced over 15 new projects for 2024 valued at 3 billion euro.

Engineering Services Greece
Market Intelligence
South African electric mobility market

South Africa has a well-developed automotive assembly industry that will need to transition towards the manufacturing of EVs in the years to come. 

Electric Vehicles South Africa
Market Intelligence
Brazil Tax Reform Advances in Congress

Brazil - Tax Reform Advances in Congress

Banking Brazil
Market Intelligence
Greece Shipping Sector Opportunities

Greek Shipping current landscape and upcoming opportunities for U.S. Firms.

Marine Technology Greece
Market Intelligence
Greece Waste Management Opportunities

Greece’s Green Transition & Opportunities for U.S. Firms

Waste Management and Recycling Greece
Market Intelligence
Greece Design and Construction Ellinikon Project

The Ellinikon “An $8.7 billion urban development”; the biggest urban development in Europe is located in Athens, Greece.

Design and Construction Services
Market Intelligence
Greece Education and Expanded Cooperation with U.S. academia

Greece’s Education System, U.S.- Greece Educational Partnerships
& Opportunities for U.S. Institutions 

Higher Education Greece
Market Intelligence
Malaysia Electric Vehicles

A Malaysian government initiative aids the growth of Electric Vehicle (EV) industry. 

Electric Cars Malaysia Exports
Market Intelligence
Colombia's Railway Reactivation Plan

The railway industry in Colombia presents commercial opportunities for U.S. companies.

Rail Transportation Colombia Trade Opportunities
Market Intelligence
Vietnam Franchising

The franchising model in Vietnam has expanded to more than 300 registered foreign brands in multiple sectors since its arrival in this country in the 1990s.

Franchising Vietnam
Market Intelligence
New Zealand Infrastructure Project

U.S. companies with products and services appropriate for new infrastructure projects may find opportunities in New Zealand. 

Rail Transportation New Zealand Trade Opportunities
Market Intelligence
New Zealand Water Sector Reform

New Zealand’s water and wastewater regulatory reform presents opportunities for U.S. companies.

Water and Wastewater New Zealand Trade Promotion
Market Intelligence
Colombia Pet Industry

The United States was the main supplier of pet products in Colombia in 2022, accounting for 35% of total imports or USD 365 million.

Pet Foods and Supplies Colombia Trade Opportunities
Market Intelligence

China’s new Chongqing Airport plan offers opportunities for U.S. suppliers.

Airport and Ground Support Equipment China
Market Intelligence
Australia Environmental Technology Plastics

U.S. companies offering waste management and recycling solutions may find new opportunities in NSW after the state government banned single-use plastic.

Waste Management and Recycling Australia Export Potential