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Market Intelligence
Taiwan Precision Healthcare

Taiwan is actively developing its digital healthcare and precision medicine sectors, creating opportunities for U.S. healthcare technology solutions.

Healthcare Taiwan Business Management
Market Intelligence
India Aerospace Commercial Space

The Indian commercial space sector offer opportunities for collaboration for U.S. firms.

Space South Asia Export Promotion
Market Intelligence
South Korea Energy

South Korean officials search for ways to move to more secure and environmentally friendly energy sources.

Energy South Korea Exports
Market Intelligence
South Korea Semiconductors

A world leader in memory chips, Korea is seeking to expand their leadership beyond memory chips to include microprocessors and sensors.

Information and Communication Technology South Korea Imports
Market Intelligence
South Korea Cybersecurity

As awareness of cyber vulnerabilities became apparent, South Korea’s demand for cybersecurity products and services continues to grow.

Cybersecurity South Korea Export Marketing
Market Intelligence
Australia Cosmetics Regulations

U.S. cosmetic companies are advised to review Australian regulatory practices in order to take advantage of the US$3 billion market.

Cosmetics and Toiletries Australia Technical Regulations
Market Intelligence
Thailand Energy and Climate

Thailand’s climate change ambitions create export opportunities in carbon capture, smart grid, and energy storage.

Energy Storage Thailand Exports
Market Intelligence
Qatar Healthcare Genome Program Business and Research Opportunities

Qatar Genomics, A Growing Industry

Drug Development and Discovery Qatar Trade Opportunities
Market Intelligence
Thailand Beauty Products

Thailand’s beauty products market rebounds thanks to increased consumer confidence and tourism. 

Cosmetics and Toiletries Thailand Exports
Market Intelligence
Thailand Defense Military Reform

Thailand’s military proceeds with the 5-year Ministry of Defense Reorganization Plan 2023-2028

Defense Equipment Thailand Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Ghana Information Technology 5G Deployment

Ghana announces plans for a shared 4G and 5G network. 

Telecommunications Equipment Sub-Saharan Africa Services Barriers
Market Intelligence
Ghana Renewable Energy

Ghana Lifts Moratorium on Licenses for Renewable Energy Generation Projects. 

Renewable Energy Africa Technical Regulations
Market Intelligence
Ghana African Continental Free Trade Area Data Portal

The African Trade Observatory portal provides real-time information on international trade and market regulations across Africa.

Wholesale Trade Africa Tariffs
Market Intelligence
Burma (Myanmar) Agribusiness Organic Fertilizer

Burma presents business opportunities for U.S. organic fertilizer manufacturers and turn-key contractors.

Agribusiness Burma Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Burma (Myanmar) Healthcare

Burma’s Healthcare Industry is Resilient Amid Downturns

Telemedicine Burma Exports