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Market Intelligence
Vietnam Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Vietnam EV infrastructure is growing rapidly to meet increased demand for EV consumption, giving U.S. companies great potentiality in the market. 

Renewable Energy Equipment Vietnam
Market Intelligence
Kenya_ICT_Kenya Repeals Local Equity Requirements

Kenya Repeals Local Equity Requirements for Non-Kenyan ICT Companies operating in Kenya.

Information and Communication Technology Kenya Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Japan Education

Japan launches new initiatives to accelerate the globalization of higher education, increasing opportunities for American universities.

Education Japan Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Brazil Oil and Gas Shipbuilding Investment

Brazil launches US$ 2.6 Billion investment in gas and oil shipbuilding.

Oil and Gas Field Machinery Brazil
Market Intelligence
Brazil Pet Sector

The Brazilian pet sector is expected to grow 87% in the next five years.

Pet Foods and Supplies Brazil
Market Intelligence
Brazil Airports Expansion

Brazil announces $350 billion infrastructure investment funding a series of airport expansions. 

Airport and Ground Support Equipment Brazil Air Transport
Market Intelligence
India Railways

Indian Railways’ recent endeavor to maximize on eco-friendly technology provides opportunities for U.S. railroad technology companies.

Railroad Equipment South Asia Export Promotion
Market Intelligence
Brazil Agriculture Technology

Brazil is looking for US agricultural technology in 2024 at AGRISHOW.

Agricultural Equipment and Machinery Brazil
Market Intelligence
Vietnam Medical Device Registration

In Vietnam’s high growth medical device sector, in-country U.S. companies benefit from a new government decree extending current import licenses through 2024.

Medical Devices Vietnam
Market Intelligence
Indonesia Franchising

The demand for foreign franchisors to enter Indonesia is still significant; registration has grown 5% with food & beverage as the leading sector.

Franchising Indonesia
Market Intelligence
Indonesia Healthcare Law

A new Indonesian Health Law comes into force and holds monumental implications for developing and transforming Indonesia’s healthcare system.

Healthcare Indonesia
Market Intelligence
Burma Study Abroad

Burma’s outbound mobility rate for students is increasing steadily. 

Education Burma
Market Intelligence
Burma Healthcare

Burma’s healthcare industry remains resilient amid downturns.

Healthcare Burma
Market Intelligence
Japan Recreational Boating and Personal Watercraft Market

Japan’s vibrant pleasure boat market creates business opportunities for luxurious and stylish U.S. pleasure boats.  

Marine Technology Japan Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Burma Solar Energy

Learn more about the utilization of solar energy in Burma (Myanmar) which is steadily increasing. 

Solar Energy Burma