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Security Services

Export Opportunities – Security Services

Markets For Your Consideration

The markets listed below are a brief list of the perceived business opportunity for U.S. exporters in the Security Services sector. The level of perceived opportunity is anecdotal and based on the experience of our U.S. Commercial Service staff within U.S. Embassies & Consulates and their success in promoting the interests of U.S. Security Services companies.

  • Authentication and Anti-Counterfeiting Services – Belgium, China, Germany, Ireland, Malaysia, Morocco
  • Corporate Security Services – Brazil, Dominican Republic, Japan, Morocco, United Kingdom
  • Crisis and Emergency Management Services – Canada, Germany, India, Mexico, Turkey
  • Maritime Security Services – Belgium, China, Ghana, Greece, Morocco, Spain
  • Protection Services – Australia, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, India, Malaysia
  • Security Training Services – Colombia, China, Germany, Kenya, Turkey
  • Security-Consulting Services – Algeria, China, Ethiopia, Ireland, Kenya

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