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Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) received $300,000 in MDCP award funds to help the U.S. RV industry to generate sales in China, Japan, and Korea.One year into the project, RVIA has now hired a full-time representative who lives and works in East Asia. To date the project has generated $7 million in exports. This is the tip of the iceberg. Sales measured in hundreds of millions of dollars per year are on the horizon, especially in China. But these cannot happen until China addresses standards and regulatory issues. As part of the its MDCP project RVIA will provide information and education to help resolve these kinds of issues. This support will be both policy-oriented and practical. This means, for example, demonstrating how to operate an RV and tow a trailer.

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RVIA helped a member company sell this temporary beauty shop in Japan. It replaces a beauty shop that was destroyed in the recent tsunami. Selling temporary shelters in Japan is a small part of a bigger project to help U.S. RV-makers to sell products in China especially, but also in Japan and Korea. Read more about the RVIA project in tradeology.



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MDCP Awards: Industry Groups Can Get Up to $300,000 for Foreign Market Development Projects
Each year, ITA makes several financial assistance awards to industry groups to pursue projects that help U.S. firms export
and create jobs. Take a look at our flyer then find out more about getting funds to help on our About MDCP page.

Need Help on Your MDCP Application?
Start with our Apply page.

2015 MDCP Applications Due April 27
Start now to prepare your application for MDCP funding. See How to Apply for more details. Applications are due April 27, 2015. The announcement was published on on March 10.

Differences Between the 2015 and 2014 Announcements
Two differences are worth noting for 2015: 1. Minimum project period is three (3) years with a maximum of five (5) years. 2. A de minimis 10% indirect cost rate may be claimed by any applicant without any requirement of questionnaire responses or certification. See our new mock application.


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Who from ITA Works with MDCP Award Winners?
In addition to MDCP Director Brad Hess, MDCP award winners will work with a team of ITA professionals who can help them accomplish project goals. You can search for likely ITA team members using the directories on line 4 of Step-by-Step Application Process.

Exports Create Jobs
A couple of years ago it was estimated that a $180,000 increase in exports creates one U.S. job. (A study on jobs and exports of 2013 trade and employment data indicates that $ billion in exports creates or sustains 5,590 jobs. Or, about $180,000 in exports creates or sustains one U.S. job, $1,000,000,000/5,590=$178,890.) Because exporting creates or sustains U.S. jobs, MDCP projects contribute to the prosperity of U.S. workers.

More on the effect that MDCP project-generated exports have on creating or sustaining jobs.

Designed for Non-Profit Applicants, Not Individual Businesses


MDCP is designed for non-profits, trade associations, etc. that represent an industry. It is not designed for individual companies. See our MDCP eligibility page. For more information about eligibility for financial assistance programs other than MDCP, visit the eligibility page of

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