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Similar to other issue-focused efforts in the Industry and Analysis division, I&A advocates U.S. industry policy positions on issues related to trade and the environment in a range of international fora. Some of these include the expansion of market access for environmental goods (including remanufactured goods) and services in the WTO and efforts to facilitate the exchange of information on environmental technologies in APEC’s Market Access Group.

The Industry and Analysis Working Group on Sustainability Initiatives is the coordinating body in Industry and Analysis that oversees and coordinates cross-sectoral U.S. industry policy positions on issues related to trade and the environment. As chair of this I&A Working Group, the Office of Trade Negotiations and Analysis collects and synthesizes input from the various I&A industry offices on:

  • Environmental goods and services recommended by U.S. industry for inclusion in ongoing WTO negotiations;
  • Environmental goods and services being considered by WTO members for tariff and NTB elimination; policy approaches to strategically eliminating NTBs on remanufactured goods in key WTO member countries;
  • Effective means of information sharing among APEC members on the environmental and developmental benefits of specific environmental goods and services.

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