Manufacture America

Rethink, Retool, Rebuild to Support Jobs

The Manufacture America program is designed to help American manufacturers rethink, retool and rebuild their operations through exploring new products, markets, processes and sources of finance.

Manufacturing and Services (MAS), in conjunction with numerous federal, state, and local government agencies and universities, is organizing a series of conferences. These conferences will be followed by support from local, state, and federal resources shaped by the needs of the local manufacturers.

In this era of increasing global competition and rising input costs, U.S. manufacturers seek new ways to remain competitive. By looking at new markets and emerging and growing industries, and by improving processes and equipment to be more productive, efficient and sustainable, companies can find new ideas to become more competitive.

To make these changes, manufacturers may need access to capital, technical assistance, market research and advice, worker training and other resources. Many resources are available through federal, state and local government agencies.

Last Updated: 6/25/10 10:00 AM