Special American Business Internship Training Program
Promoting Partnerships, Generating Results


for Western Eurasia, the Caucasus and Central Asia

February 6 Ė March 6, 2010

The Special American Business Internship Training (SABIT) Programís Airport Development Program is designed to train up to 18 mid- to senior-level tourism industry professionals from Eurasia. These delegates, screened and selected by the U.S. Department of Commerce, represent government and private sector experts who are seeking information on industry trends and innovations in airport development and management. This program will introduce these professionals to industry trends, and help them establish contacts with U.S. airport and aviation organizations for future projects and activities.

SABITís Airport Development Program will provide an a comprehensive overview of the airport management and operations in the United States, with an emphasis on topics such as financing, business development, equipment and airport operations. This will be done primarily through various types of meetings with leading U.S. private companies, industry associations, and local, state and federal government agencies. Focusing on these major thematic areas, participants will be better equipped to continue the development of the airports and transportation hubs in their home countries, and will be better prepared to work successfully with U.S. partners.

This is a unique opportunity for U.S. organizations and companies to provide industry insight and training while showcasing their facilities, products and services to their Eurasian counterparts. Through hosting this SABIT group, U.S. companies, associations, and governmental organizations actively involved with this sector will have the chance to gain influential contacts, and establish or expand their operations and activities throughout Eurasia. Participating U.S. host companies will find the personal contacts made by hosting the delegation will greatly improve their opportunities with these industry leaders.

This program will begin February 6, 2010 in Washington, DC with an orientation and visits to relevant government agencies and associations in the Washington, DC-area. During the remaining three weeks the delegation will travel to select regions and cities across the country to meet with leading U.S. professionals.

SABIT is currently looking for U.S. hosts to provide training sessions ranging from a few hours up to a full day at their facilities. Training should emphasize some of the following topics that represent the current challenges participants face within their organizations with respect to the expansion and development of renewable energy:

Airport management: Funding, revenue planning

Airport/Airline relationship

Passenger services

Baggage handling

Runway markings and signage

Ground support equipment

Vehicles: Passenger busses, towing, tugs, sweepers

SABIT will cover the majority of program costs for all delegates, including round-trip airfare to the United States, U.S. domestic travel, lodging, insurance, meals and incidental expenses, and interpreters to travel with the group. In turn, U.S. host companies and organizations are asked to provide their industry expertise in the topics pertaining to this particular program.

To learn more about this program, please contact:

Justyna Kottke, International Trade Specialist
Telephone: (202) 482-6429
Fax: (202) 482-2443
E-mail: justyna.kottke@mail.doc.gov

Liza Sobol, Deputy Director
Telephone: (202) 482-04210
Fax: (202) 482-2443
E-mail: liza.sobol@mail.doc.gov