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Goals of the 2009 Sustainability Summit

This event was held as a successor to the 2007 SMI Kickoff Event, which introduced the Department’s Sustainable Manufacturing Initiative. This subsequent event aimed to:

  • Provide a platform for government, academia and industry leaders to learn about what the Department of Commerce and federal government are doing to support sustainable business practices and enhance U.S. competitiveness.

  • Facilitate further public-private dialogue on how the Department of Commerce can, in conjunction with its partner agencies, improve and/or expand its Sustainable Manufacturing Initiative (SMI) in ways that will facilitate the implementation of sustainable business practices by U.S. firms nationwide

  • Determine any areas that Commerce's SMI has not yet begun to explore, that could be of significant benefit to the competitive positioning of U.S. firms.

  • Determine how the SMI can better address the sustainability-related needs of U.S. service providers.