Indonesia Clean Energy Business Development Goals

This Business Development Mission to Indonesia will demonstrate the United States commitment to a sustained economic partnership with Indonesia. It will build on recent commercial diplomacy and policy development in Indonesia focused on clean energy, transportation, science and financing. The mission will combine Secretarial level policy dialogue and relationship development with business development for U.S. firms. The mission purpose is to support participants as they construct a firm foundation for future business in Indonesia.

  • Assist in identifying partners and strategies for U.S. companies to provide access to Indonesian markets for clean and efficient technologies that advance Indonesian goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Position participant firms as clear and effective voices to promote policies and regulatory frameworks that boost demand for clean energy products/services and assure U.S. access and commercial success.
  • Confirm USG support for activities of U.S. business in Indonesia and to provide access to senior government decision makers in the new Indonesian administration.
  • Listen to the needs, suggestions and experience of individual participants so as to shape appropriate USG positions regarding Indonesia and U.S. business interests.
  • Organize private and focused events with local business and association leaders capable of becoming partners and clients for U.S. firms as they develop their business in Indonesia.
  • Assist development of competitive strategies and market access with high level information gathering from private and public-sector leaders.

Last Updated: 1/27/10 10:20 AM