Proposed Program Structure

For Delhi Regional and International Investor’s Summit on Afghanistan

Taj Palace, New Delhi, June 28, 2012

Forenoon Session (9.00 am-1 pm) (All timings tentative/indicative)

I - Opening

9.00 am:    Arrival and Registration of delegations

9.30-10.00 am: Inauguration and Welcome address by Foreign Ministers (tbc) and CII/AISA

Group photo

II – Investment Opportunities in Afghanistan
(followed by Q&A)

Proposed issues of discussion:

Overview of Investment/business Climate and Opportunities in Afghanistan

Afghanistan’s growth Strategy, priorities and plans: Tokyo and Beyond

Long-Term Investments: Opportunities for foreign investment in Afghanistan’s mining and hydrocarbon sector

Short-term Investment Needs and Opportunities in the social sector and services

III – Crosscutting Investment Issues (followed by Q&A)

Proposed Issues of discussion:


Partnerships (models, i.e. PPP)

Investment Protection Issues


Challenges (Security, transit, logistics,etc.)

IV – Working Group Sections: Investment Sectors

Proposed 3 or 4 working groups followed by opportunities for business-to- business interaction

Mining, Infrastructure, Energy & Transportation

Agriculture (including Commercial Agriculture/agro-industry) & Industry (including SMEs)

Social Sector: Health & Education

Telecommunications and other Services

V – Conclusion

Concluding remarks and Recommendations for Tokyo Conference, acknowledgements, press conference, and dinner

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